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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to participate in the Reseller Partner Program?

There are no fees to join the program. In an effort to recruit and train partners who are committed to reselling our services, we will work with you to determine yearly minimums based on your company size and client demographics.

I don't want to handle client billing or support. Can I still join the Reseller Program?

Under the Reseller Program, you are not required to manage billing or first-level support with customers. Our Service Desk will be responsible to handle all billing and support related issues.

What are the prices for your service?

You can find prices for most of our services on our website. As a reseller you will have access to a lot more information about our Service Catalogue.

What training do you offer resellers?

Resellers will receive access to self-service training materials and collateral. We will also hold regular online and on site training sessions that cover both technical and sales.

What services can I sell?

Once you become an official Partner, you will be able to sell our Wireless Broadband Internet, Fiberhood, Site to Site, Cloud Business VoIP, Cloud Call Center, Cloud Voice Broadcast services.

What segments can I sell into?

Our Service Catalogue covers Households and Business customers of all sizes.

Do you have opportunity registration?

Yes. Once partners are authorized, they can register leads and opportunities with us using our free Cloud CRM application. However, customers are always free to choose the partner they want to work with.

Why does Teledata need partners?

Partners are a critical component of the customer experience and enable us to meet customer demand. We depend on our partners to provide 1) local customer relationships and expertise 2) personalized reach and 3) a broad set of complementary services.

How do I know Teledata won’t take my customers?

Our entire program is designed to place our partners in control of the customer relationship. Our focus is on building a best-in-class service and allowing our partners to deliver a best-in-class experience.

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