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Program Benefits

New revenue stream

Becoming an authorized reseller sets you up with a new revenue stream that costs you nothing to implement. We give you the product and the tools, and you bring it to your customers.

Generous compensation

Reap the rewards now, rather than later. You’ll earn an introductory award on your first invoice, plus a recurring lifetime commission on each customer.


Pre-sale support

Before you close the deal, you’ll get plenty of technical support to ensure you’re offering the programs that best fit customers’ needs.

Extensive product training

Get access to technical training, free software licenses and business courses to make sure you feel confident as a reseller.

Extensive marketing support

We’ll set you up with marketing materials, presentation collateral, and any other content you need to close sales. You’ll be able to approach customers with a strong understanding of their challenges and how we differentiate from competitors.

Co-branding opportunities

Take advantage of Teledata ICT’s brand by using our logos in marketing materials, presentations, and on your website.


Industry innovation

We’re quick to meet customer requests and demand, and adapt programs and services accordingly. When you associate with us, you get access to a broad service portfolio that will continue to solve consumer problems moving forward.

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