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Program Services

Fiber Internet

This service brings fiber optic communication technology to your home and business. Up to 100Mb Speed. The first of its kind in Ghana, Fiber Internet is a non-intrusive, affordable investment for neighborhoods who want unlimited bandwidth and a future-safe internet option.


Wireless Broadband Internet

Get high-speed internet access with no wires or cables. With nationwide coverage and unlimited data, this is one of our most asked-about programs.

Site to Site

When a company has multiple locations or employs a hub-and-spoke model, Site to Site connects points of business--like a branch to the head office, or a ‘fleet’ of ATMs.

G Suite by Google Cloud

Make life easier with this all-in-one professional suite. Store your data, create with colleagues and communicate with clients. Streamline your work with a professional email address, online storage, easy-to-use calendar and business promotion tools.

Voice over IP

Fixed telephone line delivered to your business and home over the Internet. Customers make clear, dependable calls using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Businesses get their cloud PBX setup in no time with no equipment kept on site--this keeps costs down--and it’s a scalable option for growing businesses.

Cloud Call Center

Instead of having a call center on the premises, Teledata ICT offers it as a cloud service. This means it can be rapidly implemented with anywhere, anytime access, and at a lower cost than an in-house solution.

Voice Broadcast

For businesses who want to reach customers quickly, Cloud Voice Broadcast allows the user to broadcast messages via voice or SMS. This option is perfect for anyone needing to implement an automated reminder system, emergency communications, phone surveys and more.

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